The best of Brazilian nature, discover our Jalapão tours. Walk through golden dunes, refresh yourself at unique ferverdouros and enjoy amazing views.

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Jalapão Brazil Tour 6 Days
6 Days 1-10 People Easy
Discover trails, local communities, dunes, waterfalls, boiling waters and enjoy an extra day at Lagoa do Japonês or Lajeado. An exclusive, off the beaten track itinerary.
Price From
Next Departure Dec 03 Dec 10 Dec 17
Jalapão State Park Excursion 6 days
6 Days 1-10 People Moderate
Unleash your adventurous side and do the Jalapão crossing! Enjoy 2 days of rafting and explore paradisiacal trails and beaches. Get to know the brazilian savana in a unique way!
Price From
Next Departure May 15 Jun 17 Jul 15
Jalapão Experience 4 Days
4 Days 1-10 People Easy
Visit the main postcards of Jalapão! Explore the dunes, fervedouros and waterfalls. Ideal for those with limited time to discover this Brazilian paradise.
Price From
Next Departure Dec 04 Dec 11 Dec 18
Jalapão Experience 5 Days
5 Days 1-10 People Easy
Discover the treasures of the Jalapão! Enjoy nature without having to give up comfort. Enjoy waterfalls, dunes and fervedouros on an easy and unforgettable journey.
Price From
Next Departure Dec 04 Dec 11 Dec 18
Jalapão Brazil Tour 5 Days
5 Days 1-10 People Moderate
Escape the saturated tourist routes and live a unique experience! Explore trails, local communities, and take advantage of the thrilling opportunity for rafting at Cachoeira da Velha.
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Next Departure Dec 03 Dec 10 Dec 17
Located in the heart of Brazil, the Jalapão tours region is a true paradise for those seeking authentic adventures in nature. Known for its untouched landscapes and rugged beauty, the Jalapão offers a unique blend of unspoiled wilderness and thrilling experiences. If you like adventure, the Jalapão should be at the top of your travel list. PlanetaEXO's Jalapão tours are your definitive gateway to exploring this extraordinary region. With a deep passion for nature and a commitment to authenticity, they offer a variety of carefully crafted packages that allow you to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Jalapão. The landscapes of the Jalapão are a feast for the senses. From the rolling sand dunes of the Jalapão Desert to the crystal-clear waters of the Rio Novo, every corner of this region is a visual masterpiece. Embark on a journey through this untamed landscape and witness the beauty of golden sunsets over the dunes, lush oases and the unique flora and fauna that call the Jalapão home. For adrenaline junkies, the Jalapão is a dream come true. Take on the challenge of rafting the Capivara rapids, explore hidden waterfalls such as Cachoeira da Velha and hike the breathtaking trails of the Jalapão State Park. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the enchanting fervedouros, natural springs where you can float effortlessly due to their unique geological characteristics. Jalapão tours ensure that every adventure is safe, guided and full of excitement. While nature takes center stage in Jalapão, the local culture is equally captivating. Get involved with the welcoming communities, learn about their traditions and savor the flavors of the regional cuisine. Jalapão tours offer opportunities to connect with the locals, giving you a richer understanding of this remarkable place. If you're looking for an authentic nature adventure in Brazil, the Jalapão tour should be your destination and PlanetaEXO your trusted partner. Explore the untouched beauty, challenge your limits and create lasting memories in this natural paradise. Your trip to Jalapão, with its breathtaking landscapes, boiling hot springs and majestic sand dunes, awaits.